The word champagne suggests a bubbly beverage made from grapes, specificall a French wine made to in Champagne, France, from Pinot noir, Chardennay, or Pinot meunier grapes. When my paternal grandmother, Helen S Wright included a recipe for sham champagne in her 1909 book, Old Time Recipes for Home Made Wines, I didn’t expected to get the real deal but did expect to find grapes as one of the ingredients.  But no, not a grape involved in the strange concoction and I can’t help but wonder if it was even drinkable.  Photo Credit Wikipedia

Here is the recipe for sham champagne in the words of my grandmother:

“One lemon sliced, one tablespoon tartaric acid, one ounce of race-ginger, one and one-half pound sugar, two and one-half gallons of boiling water poured on the above.  When blood warm, add one gill of distillery yeast, or two gills of home-brewed.  Let is stand in the sun through the day.  When cold, in the evening, bottle, cork, and wire it.  In two days it is ready for use.

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By Karen