Blueberries Grow on BushesAs kids gobble up blueberries do they think about where they come from? Probably not yet learning a little about blueberry bushes brings a greater appreciation of food and it relationship to the soil. Mari Schuh’s book, Blueberries Grow on a Bush, provides a brief look at how blueberry bushes grow and produce their fruit and relates blueberries to other similar kinds of berries. Written for children ages four to eight, words and phrases are repeated to help young readers learn new words and the sentences are simple. The book is part of a set, How Fruits and Vegetables Grow, that supports national science standards related to life science.

Young readers are introduced to the life cycle of a blueberry bush including leaf emergence in the spring, flowering, pollination, fruit production and dormancy. They learn about the light and soil conditions needed by blueberry bushes and that berries ripen at different times so are picked from spring until fall. Finally, the text points out the similarity of blueberries to other berries like black berries, raspberries, and currents. Throughout the book, the text is enhanced by photographs that illustrate the facts being presented. A simple reader for young children.

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By Karen