cultivating-chaosDoes a meadow of  colorful flowers make your heart sing?  Does a forest  filled with ferns and spring ephemerals take your breath away? With help from the book, Cultivating Chaos, your yard can capture the beauty of these natural landscapes.  Authors Jonas Reif, Christian Kress and Jurgen Becker, provide inspiration and guidance for producing an eye-catching naturalistic garden with plants that self-seed.

The authors of Cultivating Chaos show readers how to let go of the traditional attitude of wanting to control nature and embrace a new method of gardening that involves working with nature and letting the plants establish themselves. Without the judicious guidance of a gardener, however, this type of gardening can quickly get out of control because the more vigorous species will push out the others. Following the steps outlined in Cultivating Chaos, gardeners can learn how to maintain the balance of plants by such techniques as preparation of the soil to improve germination, creation of ecological niches to encourage or discourage specific species, and careful selection of plants.

The book is handsomely enriched by beautiful photographs of outstanding plants combinations created by this novel method of gardening. It also includes two large sections featuring photo essays about specific naturalistic gardens of self-seeders a section giving informative lists of highly recommended plants for different uses. If you are interested in learning how to direct, rather than control nature to create a species-rich naturalistic garden, Cultivating Chaos is an excellent resource.

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By Karen