Modern Tropical GArden DesignWhether you live in the tropics and are planning a garden or want to create a tropical garden in the temperate zone you will find plenty of ideas in Made Wijaya book, Modern Tropical Garden Design. Drawing from the work of early modern masters as well as contemporary works from various parts of the world, the book aims to provide design information that readers can use to create their own gardens. The book is lavishly illustrated with photographs of well known gardens from all over the tropical and subtropical world.

After surveying and analyzing outstanding tropical gardens in the Americas, Asia, and Australia, in regard to historical antecedents as well as recent trends, the author suggests ways to create a modern tropical garden that is an extension of the living space and designed for entertainment and relaxation, yet is distinctive and vibrant. He discusses the use of water features, paving, courtyards, patios, pavilions, pergolas, walls, plants, color, furniture, lighting, flower arrangements, and art as the means to achieving a unique tropical garden. Wijaya devotes the final chapter to personal profiles of fourteen outstanding tropical garden designers, including himself, whose design philosophies have enriched the world of garden art and design. They include both early modern masters such as Roberto Burle Max and Isamu Noguchi, as well as modern visionaries such as Bill Bensley. With so many beautiful tropical gardens illustrated, analyzed, and described, it seems impossible that anyone could fail to find the garden of their dreams within the cover of this book.

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By Karen