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Book Review: Butterflies and Moths

Butterflies and Moths HerringtonChildren frequently see butterflies and moths flying around but do they know the difference? These insects look very much alike to most people yet are quite different when viewed close-up. Lisa Herrington’s book, Butterflies and Moths , shows young readers K through 2 how the insects are similar and how they are different.

In simple language the author points out the anatomical similarities between the moths and butterflies and then notes differences in their coloring, daily habits, body covering, and antennae. The text is illustrated by full page color photographs that show detailed features of the insects, and includes Fun Facts about the insects. When discusing the nocturnal nature of moths, for example, the Fun Fact tells us that some moths do not eat at all. Side my side labeled photographs of a moth and butterfly summerize the differences bewteen the two insects and a Guess Who page challenges the reader to decide if the animal in the picture is a moth or butterfly. A glossary of four  terms used in the text concludes the work.

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