Olivers VegetablesVegetables can be a hard sell to a toddler so any little help can be welcome. Vivian French’s book, Oliver’s Vegetables, can be just such a help. Written for children three and up, the book shows vegetables in a fun and appealing way that might just help to tempt a picky eater into trying some.

Oliver only likes french fries until he goes to visit his savvy grandparents. When Grandpa shows Oliver his vegetable garden grandfather and grandson make a deal: Oliver can have french fries if Oliver eats the vegetables he finds as he looks for the potatoes. Clever grandfather! As the days of his week long visit go by Oliver eats carrots, spinach, rhubarb, cabbage, beets, peas, and finally, french fries.

French’s book presents vegetables with a positive spin and makes them look very tempting. Healthy eating, the pleasure of growing vegetables, and the nature of making a bargain and living up to it are also shown as values. This book may not entice your toddler to eat more vegetables, but both reader and toddler will have had a very good read.

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By Karen