The Essential CBD Cookbook by food stylist, Caroline Hwant, provides over 65 recipes that introduce CBD into the diet in order to treat many common health issue such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and inflammation. Background material includes information on CBD such as forms of CBD, buying, usage, and dosing. The focus is on health issues rather than recreational use of cannabis.

The recipes are divided into 5 groups: juices and smoothies, teas and tonics, savory snacks, sweet snacks, and health and beauty. Each entry includes photographs of the ingredients and final dish, quantity/servings, preparation time, health benefits, list of ingredients, and step by step instructions written in paragraph form. The CBD is always in oil form and given in mg and dropperfuls. Most of the ingredients for the edibles are readily available in grocery stories while those of the health and beauty products are more likely available in specialty stores or online. No special equipment is needed to complete the recipes.

Over half of the recipes are for beverages although some have solid toppings. The smoothie bowls are particularly appealing because they combine all the healthy goodness of the smoothie with the crunch of such ingredients as granola and toasted nuts or coconut. The savory snack group includes recipes for beet humus, sweet potato fries, and kettle popcorn, while the sweet snack group includes chocolate chip energy balls, coconut cherry granola bars, and banana bread with fudge. The health and beauty group feature a salve, lotion, and facial spray mood stabilizer along with a scrub, bath soak, and healing cream.

The Essential CBD Cookbook is straightforward and written in a very concise style. The edible recipes feature healthy ingredients such as kale, berries, nuts, and almond milk and are essentially vegetarian. Herbs are used effectively to enhance the recipes and could probably be changed to suit individuals taste. If you want a no nonsense approach to CBD cooking, this book is a good place to start.

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