Floribunda brilliant-verandaSelf-cleaning roses are a boon to gardeners that dislike deadheading but want the attractive bushes and abundance of blooms that deadheading brings. The bloom, fade, drop their petals and form new buds. The repeat of self-cleaning roses is usually quicker than roses that are deadheaded, another plus. In general, the self-cleaning roses have fewer petals and are sterile so can put resources their resources into producing more flowers rather than hips. Interest in self-cleaning roses has risen in the last fifteen year and more and more self cleaning roses are being introduced.

‘Betty Boop’
Floribunda Betty Boop 2Pointed buds open to clusters of flowers with red and white petals edged with red, and lemon yellow stamens. The bushy plants are rounded and have glossy, dark green foliage.

Origin: Carruth, US, 1999

Parentage: Playboy x Picasso

Flower Size: 4”

Petal Count: 6-12

Scent: Strong, fruity

Plant Size: 3-5’ H x 3-4’ W

Hardiness: Zones 6-10

ARS Rating: 8.1


‘Brillant Veranda’
Floribunda brilliant-verandaBright red-orange flowers with a lighter reverse are cup-shaped. The upright plant is compact and carries dark green glossy leaves.

Origin: Kordes, Germany, 2000

Parentage: Cassandra x Rosenprofessor Sieber

Flower Size: 2.5”

Petal Count: 26-40

Scent: Mild

Plant Size: 18-48” H x 24-36” W

Hardiness: Zones 5-9

ARS Rating: NA


‘Easy Going’
Floribunda easy_going_3Pointed, ovoid buds open to flat to cup-shaped flowers in pale apricot carried singly or in small clusters. The upright plant is bushy and carries medium green glossy leaves.

Origin: Harkness, Britian, 1992

Parentage: Sport of ‘Livin Easy’

Flower Size: 4

Petal Count: 26-40

Scent: Moderate; fruity and sweet

Plant Size: 35” to 5’ H 2’ W

Hardiness: Zones 6-10

ARS Rating: 8.0


‘Livin Easy’
Floribunda Livin EasyFlowers have thick slightly wavy petals that are pale orange to dark apricot and have pointed tips. They are cupped and come in clusters of three to seven on prickly upright bushes with mid-green glossy leaves.

Origin: Harkness, Britain, 1992

Parentage: ‘Southampton’ x Remember Me

Flower Size: 3.9

Petal Count: 25-38

Scent: Moderate; fruity and sweet

Plant Size: 3.3’ x 2’ W

Hardiness: Zones 6-10

ARS Rating: 8.2


‘Frida Kahlo’
Floribunda Frida KahloWith gold and red striped petals that become more intense as the flower matures, this rose offers an eye catching color treat. The flowers are carried in clusters of five to six on a busy upright plant with glossy, dark green foliage.

Origin: Carruth, US, 2017

Parentage: Uncertain

Flower Size: 3.5”

Petal Count: 17-25

Scent: Mild

Flowering: Repeat

Plant Size: 30-36” H x 30-36”

Hardiness: Zones 5-10

ARS Rating: NA

By Karen