Geranium sanguineum bloody cranesbillBloody cranesbill is an herbaceous perennial native t Europe and temperate Asia where it grows in grasslands, open woodlands, sand dunes, and rocky slopes. Thick rhizomes form mounts of shallowly divided waxy basal leaves and deeply divided stem leaves. The foliage is dark green in the summer but turns crimson red in the fall. The magenta flowers are 1-1 ½ inches across, saucer shaped, and are carried singly on slender stems from spring into summer over a long bloom time. The flowers are not long lasting in the vase but can add a very bright spot of color to small arrangements. The beautiful fall foliage is a tempting addition to arrangements but will only last 24 hours. Cultivars are available with white or rose flowers, and with varying heights.

Cutting: To prolong vase life to the maximum cut stems as short as feasible.
Conditioning: Place in warm water for several hours.
Preserving: Not relevant


      : 9-12” H x 12” W


      Full sun to part shade (plants more compact and floriferous in sun)


      Average, medium moist, well-drained


      Zones 3-8


      Root division, seed


    : Cut after flowering or when plant gets lanky to promote regrowth.

By Karen