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Garden Plants for Flower Arrangements: Norway Maple (Acer platanoides)

Acer platanoides Norway maple flNorway maple is a large deciduous tree native to central and eastern Europe, and Asia but grown widely as a shade tree in parts of the US. The small yellow-green flowers that emerge in early spring make a beautiful combination with late daffodils and yellow tulips. The flowers consist of five sepals and five similar petals less than .16 inches long and are carried in clusters of fifteen to thirty. The palmately lobed leaves are also attractive in arrangements with their bright green color from spring until summer and yellow to orange-red color in autumn. The plants have some serious problems that make them less than ideal for the garden; they are fast growing so the wood is weak and branches easily break off in windstorms; the canopy produces dense shade; the root system breaks up pavement and has high water usage. ‘Globosum’ is a dwarf form (15-18’ tall) that is more suitable for residential use than the species.

Cutting: Needs no special treatment
Conditioning Cut a vertical slit 1-2 inches long in the ends of the stems and give a long drink. In addition, stems with young leaves can profit from being completely submerged in water overnight. In the fall, stems with leaves can be submerged in a starch solution (the same as for table linen) to improve their appearance in the vase.
Preserving: Not relevant


      40-60’ H’ width often greater than height


      Full sun; tolerates some shade


      Average, moist, well-drained


      Zones 3-7


      : Seed


    Leaf disposal in fall; root problems

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