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A Visit to Hong Kong Park, Hong Kong, China

http://minnesotabred.com/dt_gallery/festival-day-stakes-2021/ I love the hustle and bustle, the urban skyline, and the vast array of goods for sale when in Hong Kong but the time comes when rubbing shoulders with another person, the sight of another skyscraper, and the bargain waiting to be found, are numbing. That is when a visit to Honk Kong Park will give you the peace and tranquility needed to restore balance so that all the amenities of a busy city can be relished again. Located in the heart of Honk Kong just east of Central near the Admiralty subway station and the Pacific Place shopping mall, the park offers an oasis that includes water features, lush vegetation, a Ti Chi garden, and an aviary.

uncouthly The park opened in 1991 and covers about 20 acres.

The terrain is fairly steep and the soil has been stabilized by massive structures that stop the downward movement of earth but do not prevent determined plant life from becoming established.

Extensive drainage structures move water from torrential rains benignly down the hillside and add an attractive feature at the same time.

Winding paths lead you through the various areas of the park.

The pavement gives the path texture and scale.

An extensive and attractive drainage system runs along the paths.

One of the main features of the park is water. A large fountain with water flowing in a massive sheet dominates one area.

A walkway allows visitors to walk into the fountain where the cool spray of the water is a wonderful respite from the hot humid weather.

Once in the fountain the sheet of water creates a private enclosure there.

Water moves away from the fountain through a long channel set with artificial rapids in an angular design that creates ripples and sound.

Round seats provide a place to rest and enjoy the whole scene.

The channel passes through a gateway-like structure featuring water staircases on each side.

A second fountain throws water upward in the middle of a circular pool.

Further into the Park, is a large lake.

A bridge adds bucolic charm to the scene.

On one end of the lake a waterfall provides beauty as well as sound.

Look closely in this shot of the waterfall and you can see a cave-like area in the rock behind the waterfall.

Yes, there is an pathway behind the waterfall where I could enjoy the coolness of the spray as I looked out into the Park through a sheet of water.

Plants grow in a wall container built into the cave wall.

Beautiful plantings are everywhere.

A large planting of lotuses occupy one area of the lake shoreline.

Waterlilies bloom near rapids.

These Victoria water lilies have no flowers but the pads are very large and feature rims around the edge.

There are traditional bedded annuals in the park like these yellow celosia.

But the most interesting plantings are those that played with different kinds of foliage like this combination.

Or this one.

One of my favorites is this one consisting of three different kinds of shrub each with a distinctly different color foliage.

Here topiary is combined with a Japanese lantern.

Sometimes rocks are combined with vegetation in typical Chinese style.

A rock serves as sign in the midst of trimmed shrubs.

Here in the Olympic Square, the rock is the focal point and the vegetation is secondary.

Dwarf mondo grass was the ground cover of choice in many places.

Some specimen trees attract our eye, like this Indian rubber tree;

Its aerial roots make a strong statement.

A fine specimen of a Chinese banyan grew nearby.

Perhaps the prize for the most unique tree should go to this Queensland bottle tree.

In the center of the Park is the Ti Chi garden. It features a wall, fountain and sculpture.

More sculpture adorns an adjoining area.

Leaky windows, typical of the walls in classical Chinese gardens, allow you to gain a glimpse into the nearby areas.

A moon gate also adds to the Chinese style of the garden.

The fine texture of the mock lime trees softens the angularity and shiny surfaces of the hardscape.

For quite a different experience, visit the aviary in the park. It is spectacular! A zig zag walkway leads you through the upper levels of the lush vegetation.

You can look down into the vegetation where a path winds its way through the understory.

A stream provides an environment where ferns and other water loving plants thrive.

In this beautiful and protected spot the birds nest, feed, and perch while people watching.

Perhaps the birds have something; the park is a great place for people watching. And if you find yourself ready to shop again, a mall is only minutes away.

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