Atlanta Botanic GardenThere are many botanic gardens all over the world that contain a wealth of wonderful experiences. They vary in size from small five acre gardens to huge gardens that cover whole mountain sides. Regardless of the size, however they share the goal of growing and displaying a plant collection. These collections may feature a botanical group such as orchids or agave, a type of garden such as an herb, a habitat such as tropical rain forest, or the plants of a certain country such as Japan or Australia. A single botanic garden may have some or all these special features and perhaps more. Plants are usually well labeled and planted in attractive and appropriate settings. Greenhouses, open-air performance areas, art exhibits, sculpture, bookstores, tea houses and other amenities add to the ambiance and enjoyment. No two botanic gardens are the same and all are worth visiting. Many are free. To entice you to visit a botanic garden, take a look at this article written by Emily Moore, writer for the garden website

By Karen