The small appealing flower buds of the kangaroo paw plant are a must for the plant zoo! The best part is that there are many different colors of “paws” and many different plant heights from 12″ to 6′ so there is a plant to meet the needs of any garden. The tubular flower buds rise on leafless stems above a rosette of linear leaves and are covered with velvety colored hairs in yellow, orange, red, pink and purple resembling a paw, giving rise to the common name. The buds flare open at the tip and attract honey possums as well as nectar-feeding birds like hummingbirds, adding movement and interest to the plant zoo. The flowers appear over a long bloom time if the plants are deadheaded and are long lasting in the vase. There are 11 species and many hybrids of Anigozanthos and all do well in beds and borders of frost-free climates and may be grown in pots and wintered indoors in cooler ones. They are considered short lived plants but can be divided to prolong vigor. Photo Credit Forest & Kim Starr Wikipedia

Type: Tender herbaceous perennial

Height: 1-6′

Bloom Color: Yellow, orange, pink, red, purple

Bloom Time: Spring to fall if deadhead

Light: Full sun, tolerates some shade

Soil: Average, medium moist in flowering season, dry when dormant, well-drained

Hardiness: Zones 9-12 depending on the species or cultivar

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

By Karen