Native to the tropical forests of eastern Brazil, this tender evergreen shrub is best grown in an indoor plant zoo of houseplants. Although it has beautiful foliage and striking, long lasting yellow bracted flowers, it is temperamental and is unlikely to produce flowers after the first ones fade. The large, glossy, dark green leaves with their prominent white veins resemble the coat of a zebra and will brighten up the interior of any room but you must provide the plant with temperatures over 65 F, high humidity, and just the right amount of water, Too little or too much water and the leaves will fall, the plant will become straggly and eventually perish.

Type: Tropical evergreen shrub

Height: 2-6′ but 2′ in container as houseplant

Bloom Color: Yellow

Bloom Time: Late summer to early fall

Light: Bright indirect light, partial shade

Soil: Average, consistently moist, -well drained

USDA Hardiness Zones:11-12

Photo Credit: Fanghong Wikipedia

By Karen