With its arching foliage this easy to grow herbaceous perennial might grab your attention for resembling a squatting spider but if  not, the very long bloom time will please.  The plants grow in clumps  produce terminal clusters of blue or purplish flowers from spring into summer for an 8 week bloom time.   Each flower  is 2″ across and has three petals and showy yellow stamens.   Plants may hybridize with other species and so color flower may be pink, or white in addition to various shades of blue and purple.   The narrow, arching, bright green leaves  are up to 1′ long and are attractive until mid summer when they can be cut back to encourage rebloom.

Type: Herbaceous perennial

Height: 3′

Bloom Color: Purple, blue, white, pink

Bloom Time: spring into summer for 8 weeks

Light: Full sun to partial shade (especially inhot climates)

Soil: Average, medium moist, well-drained

USDA Hardiness Zones: 4-9

Photo Credit:Wkipedia



By Karen