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Plants for a Plant Zoo: Snail Vine ( Cochliasanthus caracalla aka Vigna caracalla)

Beautiful and exotic, the snail like flowers of this tropical  vine are sure to attract attention and squeals of delight.  They appear in 12″ long clusters from summer to early fall and are white at first but become streaked with pale purple that matures to light yellow and maroon.  The glossy dark green leaves set off the flowers and make them even more entrancing and interesting especially as you lean in to enjoy their heady fragrance that is compared to jasmine, wisteria, and hyacinth.  No wonder the bees and butterflies come to enjoy these garden gems!  Call it by other names such as  corkscrew vine, snaicreeper, snailflower and snail bean, this is a plant that can be enjoyed outdoors on an arbor or wall, in a wildlife, fragrance or butterfly garden,  or  in a container on the patio.  Photo Credit Wikipedia

Type: Perennial tropical  twiningvine

Height: 10-20′

Bloom Color: white with pale purple streaks maturing to light yellow and maroon

Bloom Time: Summer to early fall

Light:Full sun to parital shade

Soil: Fertile, consistently medium moist, well-drained, neutral to slightly acidic

USDA Hardiness Zones: 9-11

Photo Credit: Dave Whitinger Wikipedia