A good cherry tomato that can be grown in a container or hanging basket is a wonderful thing. Positioned right outside the door it is available for snacks as well as for tossing into a salad and ‘Lizzona’, an All American Selection winner, is one of the best. It is semi-determinant and compact yet has an abundant yield of 1” fruits that are lauded for their good taste and attractive appearance. In addition, it is resistant to Late Blight. Expect harvesting 105 days from sowing seed or 63 days from setting out.

Days to Harvest: 63 from transplant; 105 from seed.

Planting Date: Start seed 5-6 weeks before last frost; transplant to garden when the soil temperature is 60o or higher.

Spacing: 20”.

Germination: 5-10 days under ideal conditions.

Size: 16-20” H x 20” W.

Size of fruit: 1” diameter; .4 oz.

Light: Full sun.

Water: 1-1 ½”/week; maintain even moisture level in soil especially during flower and fruit development.

Soil: Fertile, moist, well drained.

Fertilizer: Apply ½ cup 8-8-8 (or 10-10-10) fertilizer around each plant when setting out and a side dressing of 8-8-8 evey 4-8 weeks once the plants have begun to set fruit. N.B. Too much nitrogen will produce lots of leaves but less fruit.

Care: Apply mulch at planting time.

Pests and Diseases: Has disease resistance to Late Blight and disease tolerance to some other diseases that affect tomatoes such as horn worms, whiteflies, blights, viruses, and wilts. Uneven watering can cause blossom drop.

Suitable for containers? Yes; hanging baskets included.

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By Karen