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Recipe: Three Easy Ways to Serve Tomatoes

Tomato easy presentationsWhen the tomatoes come rolling in from the garden everyday I rejoice. I eat them in many different ways for both lunch and dinner but always uncooked. I don’t want to cover up their wonderful fresh flavor with commercial salad dressing but sometimes want to add just a quick something to change the pace. Especially when I serve tomatoes to guests and like to dress them up a little bit. Here are my favorite three simple, easy, no fuss ways to serve tomatoes.

All three presentations involve slicing the tomatoes into thick (1/2’ or so) slices and topping each with one of the following:

1) Sour cream with Lowry’s seasoned salt to taste. A dollop on top of the tomato is all it takes.
2) Finely chopped red onion garnished with fresh (or dried) chopped basil. Dribble first with olive oil if desired.
3) A slice of provolone or mozzarella cheese garnished with chopped basil.

Remember that when using basil, don’t store it in the refrigerator as it will loose its bright green color and turn dark. To make attractive basil garnish, roll up several leaves of basil and slice the roll into very thin slices with a very sharp knife.

Many variations and other ingredients are possible but the point to remember is that by adding just a little touch of something you can enhance the flavor without covering it up and can add a festive look with a little garnish.