Oh Say Can You SeedAuthor Bonnie Worth’s book, Oh Say Can You Seed?, combines the charm of Dr. Seuss’ classic books with the a botany less on flowering plants. In rhythmic rhyming sentences, the Cat in Hat touches upon the most important topics associated with the flowering plants with the able assistance of his two assistants, Thing One and Thing Two. Although supposed written for children ages 4-8 in preschool to grade 3, the information in the book is probably of greater interest to older children . On the othr hand, the mesmerizing verse appeals to kids of all ages and may be a very good way to introduce young children to the subject at an early age.

The Cat in the hat introduces plants by noting their importance in life, from clothes to food and medicine and then begins a plant anatomy lesson on the seed, its coat, embryo, and cotyledons, and describes the conditions needed for germination. A brief introduction to the stem and roots leads to a more detailed consideration of leaves and the process of photosynthesis. The anatomy of a flower is presented with an informative labeled diagram and the role of bees is described. Finally, variability of seeds and various methods of seed dispersal is shown. A glossary at the end of the book treats the major terms introduced in the text

Does this sound like a good botany lesson? It is! And yet it is all done is the playful style of Dr. Seuss with colorful lively illustrations that round out the text. This is a good example of a fact filled book presented in a super-fun way that can appeal to a large range of ages.  A very nice way to impart valuable knowledge to children at an early age.

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By Karen