phlox white artemesia Powis CastleThe white flowers of the phlox are complemented by the silvery tones of the artemesia in this fragrant combo that is especially pretty in moon light. The fine texture of the artemesia gives a delicate, lacy look to the combination while the frilly appearance of the phlox’ flower heads introduce a romantic note. The rounded growth habit of ‘Powis Castle’ provides a nice contrast to the upward thrust of the flower-bearing phlox stems. By including three different phlox’ the bloom period can be extended through the summer. ‘Powis Castle’ will look good all season. Plants do best in sun and well-drained soil.

White Garden Phlox
phlox-n-artemesia-When garden phlox are in bloom they command attention and are a staple of the perennial garden. They tend to do better in cooler temperatures than hot and appreciate a mulch in hot summers to protect the roots. Mildew can be a problem but ‘Miss Lingrad’ is quite resistant.

    Bloom Time: Phlox Carolina ‘Miss Lingrad’ early summer; P. paniculata ‘Mt. Fuji’ mid summer, “David” late summer
    Size: ‘Miss Lingrad’ 30”, ‘Mt. Fuji’ 48”, ‘David’ 36”
    Hardiness: Zones 4-8

phlox-n-artemesia-There are several silver leafed artemesias available but ‘Powis Castle’ is one of the best. It forms an attractive mound and resists the effects of humidity better than many artemesias. The plants rarely produce flowers so do not need deadheading. Drought tolerant when established, ‘Powis Castle’ is not fussy about soil type

    Bloom time: Flowers insignificant
    Size: 2-3’ H x 1-2’ W
    Hardiness: Zones 5-8

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By Karen