Thanksgiving Rose
Roses at Thanksgiving can be beautiful additions to holiday arrangements especially those with an apricot or copper color. There are many beautiful roses available in the appropriate shades but how about making a really special arrangement using roses with the name ‘Thanksgiving’. There are two possible: ‘Thanksgiving and ‘Thanksgiving Rose’. The latter is even considered a florist rose so could probably be ordered from a florist. The other is a hybrid tea for the garden and if you live in a mild climate you might be able to grow it. That would really make the holiday arrangement special!

Here is information on two roses with ‘Thanksgiving’ in their name.


    Type: Hybrid tea
    Origin: US, 1962
    Color: Orange blend
    Flower Size: Small to medium
    Bloom Form: Flat to cupped
    Petal Count: 38
    Scent: None
    Plant Size: Tall
    ARS: 6.4

‘Thanksgiving Rose’

    Type: Hybrid tea
    Origin: Germany, 2009
    Color: Apricot with copper shading and lighter outer petals
    Bloom Form: Cupped
    Petal Count: Very full (41+)
    Scent: Moderate
    Plant Size: 4-5’ H
    ARS: Being tested
    Comments: Prickly

If these roses are too hard to find you might try ‘Tropicana’ or ‘Livin Easy’ if you live in a warm climate where roses bloom into Novemember. ‘Tropicana (aka ‘Super Star’) is a hybrid tea with large, perfectly shaped, very strongly scented flowers. It is not only a long lasting cut rose, but also prized for exhibitions and as a garden performer. ‘Livin Easy’ is an easy to grow floribunda with pale orange or dark apricot fragrant flowers borne in clusters of 7-5. These two don’t have ‘Thanksgiving’ in their name but their color and fragrance will add something special to a Thanksgiving bouquet as well as to your garden.

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By Karen