HT Harry WheatcroftFor an exotic look in the garden try a striped rose. It might not be your thing but it is eye-catching and adds a diversity that can spark a new interest in the rose garden. Striped roses are nothing new and date back to the 1500s but the development of striped hybrid teas is more recent dating to the 1980s and 90s. Examples can also be found among diverse modern rose groups including Floribundas, Grandifloras, climbers, miniatures, and hybrid teas.

Here are five striped hybrid teas; they may not be easy to find but the search adds to the fun of owning them.

Daring Spirit
HT Dring SpiritCream colored streaks, stripes, and flecks are combined with Carmen in the large blooms. The foliage is dark glossy green.

Origin: Introduced into US by Jackson and Perkins, 2015
Parentage: Not available
Flower Size: 5”
Petal Count: 25-30
Scent: Mild
Flowering: Repeats
Plant Height: 5’
Hardiness: Zones 5-10
ARS Rating: Not listed

Harry Wheatcroft
HT Harry Wheatcroft 2Flowers are red with splashes and stripes of golden yellow. Enthusiasts of this rose rave about the colors but note that the flowers are sparse and do not last long. The glossy dark green foliage is susceptible to blackspot.

Origin: Wheatcroft and Sons,m UK, 1972
Parentage: Sport of Piccadilly
Flower Size: 2”
Petal Count: Double
Scent: Mild
Flowering: Flushes
Plant Height: 24-39”
Hardiness: Zones 7-10
ARS Rating: 6.8

Tropical SunsetHT Tropical sunset 2The vigorous bush has large prickles and glossy medium green leaves. It produces solitary flowers that are bright yellow splashed with orange. As the flower matures the yellow fades to cream and the orange turns to crimson.

Origin: McGredy, New Zealand, 1998
Parentage: Louise Gardner s (Auckland Metro x Stars ‘n’ Stripes’ seedling)
Flower Size: 4.7
Petal Count: 17-40
Scent: Medium, fruity
Flowering: Repeats well
Plant Height: 3-6
Hardiness: Zone 6
ARS Rating: 7.8

HT_Papageno WikiNamed for the birdcatcher in Mozart’s Magic Flute, this hybrid tea has large, matte, light green leaves and red flowers with white strips.

Origin: McGredy, New Zealand, 1989
Parentage: Freude x [Anytime x Eyepaint] x Stars ‘n’ Stripes
Flower Size: Large
Petal Count: 17-25
Scent: Mild
Flowering: Flushes
Plant Height: 3-4’
Hardiness: Zone 7 and warmer
ARS Rating: Not Listed

HT Meli MeloAlso known as Love In, this rose bears clusters of three to seven red flowers streaked with butter yellow at first but changing to dark pink with creamy white streaks. Some flowers may be mostly red, others mostly yellow.

Origin: Orad, France, 1998
Parentage: Unavailable
Flower Size: 3-4.75
Petal Count: 26-35
Scent: Strong, sweet
Flowering: Repeats well
Plant Height: 3’
Hardiness: Zones 6-9
ARS Rating: Not listed

By Karen