ragoli at doorstepIf you are lucky enough to visit India in the fall you might find a abundance of beautiful folk art designs in front of doorways and in the lobby of hotels in honor of Diwali, a five day Hindu festival also called the ‘festival of lights”. The brightly colored designs are traditionally created by Indian women in front of their doorways or gates to welcome the Hindu deities during religious holidays and special occasions. The rangoli, as they are known, have become very popular in hotels and other public places for their vivid colors and lively designs.

ragoli in hotelRangoli can be made of a variety of materials including colored rice, flour, or sand, or even flower petals. The designs can be simple geometric shapes, or represent plants, animals, humans or gods. The lotus flower and its leaves, mango, peacocks, swans, parrots and fish are popular motifs but patterns vary depending on the local traditions. The size of the rangoli can vary from small to very large. When flower petals are used, daily maintenance of the design is necessary to keep the work looking fresh and appealing.

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By Karen

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