Black Magic‘Black Magic’ is one of the most popular dark red exhibition and florist roses. The almost black color of the pointed buds becomes slightly redder as the high centered flowers unfurl so that only the center petals are red when the flowers are open. Darker color is typical in cooler climates. The medium sized flowers have reflexed petals and are usually borne singly, more infrequently in clusters of 2-4, on long stems. The vigorous bushes are upright and bear dark, healthy glossy leaves that emerge with a bronze tinge. Said to be shade tolerant, mildew resistant and having a vase life of 14 days.

Type: Hybrid tea

Origin: Hans Jurgen Evers, Germany, before 1995

Parentage: Undisclosed

Flower Size: 2- 4.5”

Petal Count: 30-40

Scent: None to mild; sweet

Flowering: Continuous throughout the season

Plant Size: 5.5-7’ H x 4’ W

Hardiness: 7b-10

ARS: 7.9

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By Karen