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Plant Profile: Buffalo Berry (Shepherdia argentea)

Shepherdia_argentea_Buffalo berryThis deciduous slow growing mound-shaped shrub is a native of central and western North America. It has spiny silvery gray twigs and green leaves one to two inches long and covered with fine silky, silvery hairs. Inconspicuous pale yellow male and female flowers are produced on separate plants and are followed by football shaped berries in yellow, orange, or red on female plants. The berries provide food for birds while the foliage provides nesting sites for songbirds and is browsed by wildlife including deer. Buffalo berry grows in a variety of soils and fixes nitrogen.

Type: Deciduous shrub

Outstanding Features: Adaptability,ed berries, silvery foliage

Form: Open, rounded mound

Growth Rate: Slow

Bloom: Inconspicuous pale yellow male and female flowers on separate plants

Size: 6-20′ H x 8-14′ W

Light: Full sun

Soil: Average, dry to medium moist, well-drained; tolerates drought, moderately infertile, saline, and alkaline soil

Hardiness: Zones 2-7

Pests and Diseases: Canker

Propagation: Seeds, cuttings, suckers

Outstanding Selection: For yellow fruit, ‘Xanthocarpa’ and ‘Goldeneye’.

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