Native to Tuscany, Greece, and Albania, this short-lived perennial bulb is a member of the lily family, Liliaceae, that also includes tulips and fritillaria. Plants grow 4-6′ tall and have lance-shaped, spirally arranged leaves that are larger and spreading below, smaller and held closer to the stem above.  In late spring to early summer a raceme of up to 12 turk’s cap shaped flowers appear.  Each flower has 6 red recurved tepals and a light scent that is agreeable to some people.  Martegon lily is considered moderately difficult to grow but is a beautiful addition to a border or any informal garden and can tolerate a fair amount of shade.  The genus name, Lilium, is the Latin name for the plant.  The specific epithet, chalcedonicum, refers to Chalcedon, the classical name for that is now Kadekoy, an area in Asia Minor opposite Istanbul.  It is one of the places where the plant is native.Type: Perennial bulb

Bloom: Racemes of 1-10 pendent red flowers without spots but with reflexed petals; early summer

Size: 4-6′ H

Light: Light to partial  shade

Soil: Average, consistently medium moist, well-drained; do not allow to dry out

Hardiness: Zones 4-8

Care: Deadhead and cut down stems when foliage dies down.

Pests and Diseases: Basal rot, gray mold, various viruses, aphids, slugs, lily beetle; vine weevil if grown in container

Propagation: Offsets, seed

Companion Plants: Astilbe, foxglove, spurge

Photo Credit: Ernst Gugel Wikipedia

By Karen