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Plant Profile: Rosa Perle d’Or

The small vermilion buds of this Polyantha rose open to large, long-stemmed clusters of 5-25 deep apricot flowers that fade to mother of pearl from the outside. The petals have darker backs and in hot weather reflex and become strap-like.  The plant has few prickles and red new growth that gives way to glossy dark healthy foliage.   It is medium sized, upright, and very disease resistant and is an Earth Kind Roses.


Type: Polyantha

Origin: Rambaux, France, 1883

Parentage:Unnamed Polyantha x ‘Madame Falcot’

Flower Size:1.6″

Petal Count: Full

Scent:Medium; sweet and fruity

Flowering:Repeats well

Plant Size: 3′ H 3′ W

Hardiness: Zones 6-9

ARS Rating: 8.5


Photo Credit: Wikipedia