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Plant Profile: Rose Alberic Barbier

Apricot yellow buds are produced singly or in small clusters and and open to flowers that fade to cream and then white . The petal number varies considerably from semi double to fully double and the form is globular and quartered. New growth is crimson; mature leaves are small, shiny, and dark green. The stems are semi-evergreen in warm climates and bear few prickles. Plants are semi-evergreen in warm climates, disease resistant and shade tolerant, but hardy only in zone 7 and warmer.

Type: Large Flowered Climber

Origin: Barbier, France, 1900

Parentage: Rosa wichurana x ‘Shirley Hibberd’

Flower Size: 3”

Petal Count: 9-16

Scent: Strong, musky to fruity

Flowering: Once, midseason

Plant Size: 26’ H x 13’ W

Hardiness: Zones 7-10

ARS Rating: 8.2

Photo Credit: Wikipedia