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Plant Profile: Rose Don Juan

ROSE DON JUANDark crimson ruffled flowers open from pointed ovoid buds and are carried singly or in small clusters on long strong stems. They have the form of a Hybrid Tea and are followed by orange hips. The vigorous plant is upright and prickly, and has dark green leaves that are leathery and glossy. Don Juan is one of the best climbing roses and is especially known for its fabulous fragrance. It grows well on pillars, fences, arbors, and walls, and flowers are good for the vase.

Type: Large Flowered Modern Climber

Origin: Malandrone, Italy, 1958

Parentage: ‘New Dawn’ seedling x ‘New Yorker’

Flower Size: 3-5”

Petal Count: 30-35

Scent: Strong, sweet

Flowering: Repeats

Plant Size: 8-14’ H x 5-8’ W

Hardiness: Zones 6-9

ARS Rating: 8.3