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Plant Profile: Yoshino Flowering Cherry (Prunus x yedoensis)

If you have ever seen these trees in bloom around the Tidal Basin in Washington, D. C. you will know why people flock to that city to enjoy the magnificent sight. Used in mass, as in Washington, or as a specimen tree, the ‘Yoshino” flowering cherry is a great choice for early spring bloom, blooming at the same time as Bradford Pear and the daffodils.  The trees grow very rapidly and may grow into a 15′ tall blooming tree within a few years.  The flowers last only a few days so when the tree is in full flower, make the effort to enjoy them. The genus name, Prunus, comes from the Greek word  προύνη meaning plum, a prominent member of this genus. 

Type: Deciduous tree.

Outstanding Feature: Early spring white flowers.

Form: Upright with rounded crown.

Growth Rate: Rapid.

Bloom: Pale pink flowers that open to white in early spring.

Size: 20-40’ H x 20-40’ W.

Light: Full sun.

Soil: Rich, moist, well drained acid soil preferred.

Hardiness: Zones 5-8.

Care: Prune immediately after flowering if necessary. Old or diseased wood can be removed any time.

Pests and Diseases: Aphids, scale, borers, and mites.

Propagation: Softwood cuttings in early summer.

Outstanding Selections:



‘Snow Fountain’:

Comments: Flowers can be damaged by early frosts and wind. Gorgeous but short-lived.

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