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Old Time Recipes for Home Made Wine: Quince

quinceNot many people grow quinces or do much with the fruit. It is a deciduous tree related to pears and apples and has been grown for its fruit as well as its ornamental qualities for centuries. The fruits are harvest in late summer and early fall and can be used cooked in jams, jellies, pies, and condiments where they add a sour taste. Wine, too, can be made from quinces and my paternal grandmother, Helen S. Wright, gives two recipes for quince wine in her book, Old Time Recipes for Home Made Wine.

In the words of my grandmother:

Quince Wine, No. 1

Take your quinces when they are thoroughly ripe, wipe off the fur very clean; then take out the cores, bruise them as you do apples for cider, and press them, adding to every gallon of juice two and one-half pounds of fine sugar. Stir it together till it is dissolved; then put it into our cask, and when it has done working stop it close. Let it stand till March before you bottle it. You may keep it two or three years; it will the better.

Quince Wine, No, 2

Twelve sliced quinces. Boil for quarter of an hour in one gallon water; then add two pounds lump sugar. Ferment, and add one gallon lemon wine, one pint spirit.

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