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Plant Combination: Rocky Mountain Beard-Tongue (Penstemon strictus) and Yarrow (Achillea x) ‘Moonshine’

rocky mt beard tongue-yarrow combinationThis yellow and blue combination is a striking duo in a sunny, well-drained border in early summer. The spiky form of the beard-tongue contrasts with the flat heads of the yarrow while the colors of the flowers complement each other. The fine texture of the yarrow heads are a pleasant contrast to the coarser texture of the snapdragon-like flowers of the beard-tongue. The gray-green foliage of the yarrow and the seed heads of the both plants will add interest well into the fall.



Rocky Mountain Beard-Tongue (Penstemon strictus)Penstemon_strictus_flowers

A native from southern Wyoming to Arizona where it is often associated with conifers or sagebrush, Rocky Mountain beard-tongue is an evergreen perennial with rich blue to purple flowers on 1-3’ stems rising above a low mat of foliage. The leaves are glossy and range from narrow and grass-like to long and broad. Plants spread slowly but can form large clumps.

Bloom Time:

    • Early summer

Size: 1

    • 24-36” H x 6-12” W


    Zones 3-8

Yarrow (Achillea x) ‘Moonshine’Yarrow achillea_moonshine

One of the best of the yarrows, ‘Moonshine’ is an upright, clump-forming perennial featuring flat-topped clusters of lemon-yellow flowers. The aromatic foliage is gray-green, deeply-dissected and attractive all season. Deadheading encourages more flowering and cutting the plant back may result in a fall rebloom.

Bloom Time:

    • Early summer; throughout summer in some climates


    • 1-2’ H x 1-2’ W


    Zones 3-8

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