Amelanchier canadensisSuckering shadbush is a deciduous, multi-stemmed large shrub or small tree native to eastern North America from Canada to Alabama. It is a member of the rose family, Rosaceae, that also includes cherries, lady’s mantle, and pyracantha. It is grown for its flowers, summer fruits, and striking autumn color. In early spring before the leaves appear, masses of star-shaped white flowers are produced in drooping clusters. The lightly fragrant flowers are an important source of nectar for early-season bees and butterflies. The purple-black berries are attractive to many birds including robins, larks, jays, and woodpeckers. The one to three inch long leaves are dark green before turning orange-red in the fall.

Type: Deciduous multi-stemmed shrub or tree

Size: 25-30’ H x 15-20’ W

Light: Full sun to part shade

Soil: Average, medium moist, well-drained, neutral to acidic

Hardiness: Zones 4-8

Beneficial Insects Attracted: Bees, butterflies

By Karen