gameThis simple game tests your gardening knowledge by identifying five plants shown in photos from a list of possible names. Photos of each plant are accompaned by a clue describing the type of plant or its broad characteristics. To play the game you identify the plant in the photo by selecting the correct name and clicking on the button next to it. Each time you play the game you only have one chance to identify the correct answer for each of the five plants. If you don’t get all of them correct the first time just click the “Let me try again” button located below the game board and try again. If you would like more information about these five plants see their Plant Profiles to get tips for growing each of them.

Photos Plant Names (Select the correct name and click the button)

1. Chartreuse flowers are conspicuous on bare branches before leaves appear.

Sumac (Rhus trichocarpa)

Sassafras (Sassafras albidum)

Norway Maple (Acer platanoides)

Tulip Tree (Liriodendron tulipifera)

2. Large, dense, stately tree popular in parks and streets.

Sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua)

Linden (Tilia cordata)

American Yew (Taxus canadensis)

Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica)

3. Scaley bark, lower branches down-ward pointing.

Zelkcova (Zelkova serrata)

Sugar Maple (Acer sacchurum)

Arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis)

Swamp White Oak (Quercus bicolor)

4. Tolerates acid and alkaline soil; performs best where seasonal differences are sharp.

Honey Locust (Gleditsia triacanthos inermis)

Popular (Populus maximowiczii)

Weeping Willow (Salix babylonica)

Red Oak (Quercus rubra)

5. Leaves turn yellow in autumn and remain dead on the tree into winter; responds well to clipping.

Live Oak (Quercus virginiana)

American Beech (Fagus grandifolia)

Leland Cypress (Cypressocyparis lelandii)

European Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus)

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By Chuck