OverviewSingapore can be considered a garden city but it has two outstanding gardens and one of these is Gardens by the Bay. Located near the port area and accessible by MRT, bus, and taxi, the garden is a visual delight with a large variety of gardens, sculpture, and architectural features. It is part of the Singapore governments plan to transform Singapore from a “Garden City” to a “City in a Garden” and create a new vibrant downtown area reflecting the innovations, technology and aesthetic of the modern world. You can wander around the grounds and enjoy acres of plantings and many of the sights free; a hefty admission charge applies to the special features.

Gardens on the Bay is part of a complex in Marina Bay. One of the most outstanding features of the area is the Marina Bay Sands, a resort with a casino, hotel, and skypark and swimming pool on the roof.


The garden itself covers 250 acres and includes streams and ponds as well as extensive plantings and buildings.

map 2IMG_2158

The Supertree Grove is an amazing area of huge tree-like structures 22 meters high, made of metal pipes, and supporting OCBC Skyway where you can view the whole complex.

trees n ct yard 2IMG_2186


The trees are heavily planted with tropical plants.

tree planted 2IMG_2169 (1)

A  medley of beautifully integrated colors and textures are created.

treease planted 2_IMG_2197

Two huge enclosed structures house special plant collection: The Flower Dome with its plants from the Mediterranean and subtropical regions and the Cloud Forest with its orchids, pitcher plants, and ferns from a tropical mountain habitat.

Conservatories 6



Theme gardens include:

Far East Organization Children’s Garden where kids can enjoy water features and life sized experience with nature.

Heritage Garden featuring the role of plants in Singapore’s history and culture.

World of Plants consisting of six gardens that explore the interrelationships between plants.

Sun Pavilion focusing on the desert environment

Planet which explores the intimate relationship between nature and humanity

Even if you don’t visit the special gardens there is much to enjoy as you stroll along the walks.

wall and hanging pl 2IMG_2228

Artificial “caves” are created in a wall recalling the Taoist idea that the world’s caves provide a link between the mortal realm and heaven.thumbnail_IMG_2255


Rocks play an important part in the garden; here along a walkway.

path c rocks 2_IMG_2173


Elsewhere, among the plants.

rock in garden 2IMG_2189

Petrified trees stand in an area of their own.

petrified trees_IMG_2260



Unusual plants like the canon ball tree, abound.

cannon tree 2IMG_2237


Look up into the trees and you may see some unusual ferns.

staghorn fern 2IMG_2199

The delicacy of the spider lily’s flowers can be enjoyed close to the pathway.

spider lily 2IMG_2202

Sensitive placement of plants may emphasize contrast of texture.



Other combinations create color echoes.


white plants_IMG_2226

The sculpture adds to the ambiance and may be tradtional…

lions 2_IMG_2252

Or more unusual

animals in spiral pit_FullSizeRender


Giant ants climb over a tree trunk.

ants on log 2_IMG_2180

A sleeping boy floats like a heavenly body over a verdant earth to explore nature under human influence.

floating boy 2IMG_2223


The garden is large and could take days to explore so give yourself plenty of time. Much of the garden can be enjoyed free on its own giving you plenty of time to decide what special features with admission charge that you might want to visit. If you enjoy gardens this is a “must see.”

By Karen