fox-urine-3If someone gave you a bottle of fox urine, purchased from a local store would you:
A. Throw it away?
B. Go hunting?
C. Put it in the garden?
D. Clean the resins and tars off your favorite secateurs?

If you chose A, you just threw away a valuable and useful commodity; if you chose B you might come home with deer or fox; if you chose C you might rid your garden of rabbits, and rodents such as squirrels, voles and other such mice; and if you chose D I don’t know what would happen as I just made it up (but since urine was used by the ancient Romans to clean their togas, it might be useful for cleaning).

Fox urine has been used by traders and hunters to cover up their human scent so it has been available for a long time. More recently it was developed as an animal repellent based on the premise that foxes are the natural enemies of such pests as rabbits so if you can trick the pests into thinking that foxes are in the area they will change their habits and find another place to feed. Fox urine also works to repel neighborhood cats. Coyote urine is available too and is said to be successful against deer. Both can be purchased in liquid or granular form.

A Minnesota man used fox urine in a novel way when he sprayed a mixture of fox urine and water on a group of hooligans who came to wrap his house in toilet paper. He caused quite a stink!

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By Karen

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