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Book Review: The Little Tree That Would Not Share

Nicoletta Costa’s book, The Little Tree That Would Not Share, tells the story of young tree living in a city that takes great delight in his new leaves as they appear in the spring but won’t share them with the birds, butterflies or cats that approach him.  Fearful that the animals might cause his beautiful leaves to fall the little tree tells them to go away and the animals are miffed especially the cats.  As autumn rolls around the leaves of the little tree turn yellow and then fall as winter approaches.  Thinking he is sick, the little tree becomes distressed until a crow takes pity on him and explains the cycle of the seasons and that stronger and more beautiful leaves would sprout in the spring. Cheered, the  little tree makes a promise and in spring invites all the animals to celebrate among his branches.  Written for children 3-6 years old, the story is delightful and teaches a valuable lesson about sharing.  The main text is written in a modest easy to read font while the comments of the animals are shown in bubbles.  The illustrations are composed of simple shapes and bright colors on a flat plain which reflects the nature of the story.  A charming book that can be enjoyed for its story line, illustrations, and/or moral.

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