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Plant Profile: Berberis linearifolia ‘Orange King’

Berberis linearfolia Orange King 2A native of Chile where it grows in woodlands 100-2000 feet above sea level, this vigorous evergreen shrub is upright and stiffly branched. The oval to lance shaped, shiny dark green leaves are leathery, 2½” long, and tipped with a spine. The rich orange flowers are borne in clusters of two to four in late spring and are ¾ inch wide. They give way to egg-shaped fruits, ½ inch long that ripen in the fall to a blue-black color. Plants make an excellent impenetrable hedge that needs only one pruning a year.

Type: Evergreen shrub

Outstanding Feature: Flowering evergreen shrub

Form: Rounded

Growth Rate: Slow

Bloom: Orange flowers in clusters of 2-4 in late spring

Size: 5-6.5’ H x 5-6.5’ W

Light: Full sun to light shade

Soil: Fertile, moist, well-drained

Hardiness: Zones 6-9

Care: Mulch to conserve moisture; prune lightly when necessary to maintain shape and size in summer after flowering.

Pests and Diseases: None of significance

Propagation: Semi-ripe cuttings in mid summer.

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