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Plant Profile: Rosa ‘Lavaglut’

lavaglutOne of the top floribundas for exhibition, ‘Lavaglut’ has deep red flowers with 24-30 petals. The flowers are produced in clusters of 10-20 and open flat so that the golden stamens are visible within. They are produced in abundance and are resistant to both heat and rain. The vigorous bush is upright, compact and bears leaves that are bronze green before turning dark glossy green. It is generally considered disease resistant but may develop blackspot. Flowers are long lasting in the vase. The name ‘Lavaglut’ means “lava glow” in German and refers to the deep red flower color that does not fade.

Type: Floribunda

Origin: Kordes, Germany, 1978

Parentage: ‘Guss an Bayern’ x seedling

Flower Size: 2-4”

Petal Count: 24-30

Scent: Light

Flowering: Repeats well in flushes all season

Plant Size: 2.5-3 H x 2.5-3’ W

Hardiness: Zone 5 and warmer

ARS: 8.6

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