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Plant Profile: Rose ‘Double Delight’

Long conical buds unfurl slowly to creamy white high-centered flowers with just a hint of red on the outer petals.  As the flowers mature the red coloring grows, especially in hot climates. The change in color is due to effect of ultraviolet light on the pigment in the petals and varies from flower to flower depending on light and temperature.  Plants grown in greenhouses are all white due to the lack of ultraviolet light.    The flowers are up to 5″ across and are usually carried singly on long strong, prickly stems so are excellent in the vase.  The large matte green leaves are carried on upright plants that are bushier than the average Hybrid Tea. Although the plants are vigorous they are susceptible to mildew and blackspot.  

Type: Hybrid Tea

Origin: Swim & Ellis, US, 1977

Parentage: ‘Granada’ x ‘Garden Party’

Flower Size:5″

Petal Count: Up to 30

Scent: Strong, spicy and sweet

Flowering: Flushes throughout summer

Plant Size: 3-5′ x 2-5′

Hardiness: Zones 5-9

ARS Rating: 8.3


Baden-Baden GM 1976

Rome GM 1976

AARS 1977

World’s Favorite Rose 1985

Gamble FA 1986

Photo Credit: Arashiyama, Wikipedia