Rose FourthOfJuly2Known in England as ‘Crazy for You’ , Fourth of July ‘bears clusters of five to twenty red and white splashed flowers with attractive golden stamens. The flowers are crimson and pink at first but fade to oxblood red and white. The coloring varies considerable between flowers but presents such a bold effect that the flowers makes a big impact in spite of their small size and small number of petals. The plant is of the Floribunda type and has long lasting flowers. The vigorous bush grows quickly, is prickly, and has small, dark green leaves.

Type: Large Flowered Climber

Origin: Carruth, US, 1999

Parentage: Roller Coaster x Altissimo

Flower Size: 2”

Petal Count: 9-16

Scent: Light, fruity, apple

Flowering: Flushes

Plant Size: 43” – 15’ H 26”-6.5’

Hardiness: Zones 6-9

ARS Rating: 8.2

Award: ARS GM 1999

By Karen