New YearCrimson, vermilion, and orange are blended in the flowers of this beautiful rose so that when the flowers are fully open you can see pale orange inner petals with darker undersides surrounded by other petals with crimson edges. The edges of the petals have a subtle ruffle that makes the flowers appear larger and fuller. Flowers are produced singly at first, and in clusters of up to five flowers as the season progresses. The upright bush has large, glossy, dark green leaves and a dense, compact form.

Type: Grandiflora

Origin: McGreedy, New Zealand, 1982

Parentage: ‘Mary Sumner’ seedling

Flower Size: 2- 4.3”

Petal Count: Double, 20

Fragrance: Mild, fruity

Flowering: Repeats well and quickly

Plant Size: 30”-4’ H x 2’ W

Hardiness: Zone 6

ARS: 7.1

Awards: AARS 1987

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By Karen