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Plant Profile: Rose ‘Royal Sunset’

Rose Royal SunsetLong buds carried singly or in small clusters (usually three) open to cup-shaped flowers with twenty petals. Each petal is pale orange and has hints of gold and yellow at the base. The plant is vigorous with strong stems and many prickles. The large leaves are leathery and dark green. Although not well known in most of the world, ‘Royal Sunset’ is popular in the US especially in California. Flowers do well in the vase.

Type: Large Flowered Climber

Origin: Morey, US, 1960

Parentage:’Sungold’ x ‘Sutter’s Gold’

Flower Size: 5 “

Petal Count: 20

Scent: Strong, sweet, fruity

Flowering: Repeats

Plant Size: 8-16’ H x 10’ W

Hardiness: Zones 7-9

ARS Rating: 8.9