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Plant Profile: Trailing Snapdragon (Asarina procumbens)

Native to the Spain and Portugal, this procumbent perennial, often grown as an annual, is a member of the plantain family, Plantaginaceae, that also includes turtlehead, foxglove, and Veronica.  It grows 2-3″ tall and has trailing stems with coarsely toothed, gray-green leaves that are kidney shaped, up to 2″ long, and softly hairy.  From summer into fall, 2-lipped, snapdragon-like flowers appear singly in the leaf axils.  They are pale yellow with deep yellow throats and light purple veins.  Plants grow best where summer temperatures are cool and winters are relatively dry.  They are a good choice for containers, ground cover,  and rock and wall gardens.  The genus name, Asarina, is the Spanish vernacular name for Antirrhinum (snapdragon) .  The specific epithet, procumbens, is the Latin word meaning leaning forward and refers to the trailing growth habit of the species.

Type: Herbaceous perennial often grown as annual especially in hot climates

Bloom: Two-lipped snapdragon-like white flowers with yellow throat and pale purple veins,  from summer into fall

Size: 2-3″ H x 12-24″ W

Light:  Full sun; tolerates some shade

Soil: Average, medium moist, well drained; dry in winter

Hardiness: Zones 6-9

Care: Low maintenance

Pests and Diseases: None of significance

Propagation: Seed, root cuttings in summer; plants may sef seed.

Companion Plants: Persicaria vaccinifolia, Caucasian crosswort, Origanum ‘Kent Beauty’

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons