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Old Time Recipes for Home Made Wines: Raspberry Wine

If you have never had raspberry wine, you are in for a treat. Wine maker Terry A. Garey, in her book, The Joy of Home Wine Making, says of raspberry wine,  “Made well, this wine is fragrant, subtle, dry, and goes well with anything except heavy tomato and meat dishes.” It is best made with fresh raspberries but frozen ones will work too.

My paternal grandmother, Helen S. Wright includes 4 recipes for raspberry wine her her book, Old Time Recipes for Home Made Wines. This is the first and simplest of the 4. Although modern recipes for raspberry wine include yeast, Grandmother’s does not, so must have relied on wild yeast.

Take your quantity of raspberries and bruise them, put them in an open pot twenty-four house; then squeeze out the juice, and to every gallon of the juice put three pounds of fine sugar, two quarts of canary. Put it into a stein or vessel, and when it has done working stop it close; when it is fine, bottle it. It must stand two months before you drink it.

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