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Book Review: We are the Weather

Have you wondered why there is so much talk about climate change and its affects on people yet so little seems to be done about it?  Author Jonathan Safran Foer tackles this dilemma in his book We are the Weather  and and offers a solution to the problem that is both simple and difficult. Foer suggests that climate change is a “crisis of belief”;  people acknowledge that climate change is caused by human activity but have a difficult time actually believing it and actively playing a role is combating it.   Drawing on a wide variety of examples from the Holocaust to polio vaccinations and smoking, the author explains how this dichotomy is possible.

Foer’s suggestion for dealing with climate change hinges on his belief that animal agriculture is a very significance cause of climate change and he calls for collective action to eat differently, specifically, to eat no animal products before dinner. This suggestion needs no initiative by government or industry and  can be carried out by individuals.  he admits that his suggestion is not popular but works through numerous objections that people might have.  He draws on the experience of family members as well as recognized personality to explore how people have dealt with difficult decisions and suggests that acceptance for climate change with no action is worse the Trump-style science denial.  A good read on an importance aspect of the current crisis of global warming!

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