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Book Review: A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis

Author Nikki Furrer wrote her book, A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis, based on the premise that many people would benefit from a small, daily, preventative dose of cannabis that would make them sleep, eat, and feel better. This belief that marijuana use leads to a healthy happy life pervades the entire book and is even reflected in the style of writing and graphics. Although titled with women in mind, the book can be used by men too as most of the information is general rather than gender-specific.
Furrer makes a case for using cannabis for pain relief, depression, antiaging, weight loss, and beauty enhancement and explains how cannabis works and the different strains that are available. She notes that each person is different and must find the strain of cannabis, dosage, delivery method that is works for her/him, and presents helpful information that will allow readers to find what they need. Especially helpful is the chapter on buying cannabis in which she discusses topics including choosing a dispensary, finding a budtender, and saving money. If you are interested in having a cannabis party, there are tips for making it successful. Other chapters deal with delivery methods from inhaling to edibles and topicals. Recipes for edibles and topicals are given including ones for mustache wax, massage oil, and sex lubricant.

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