The Botany for Gardens pages listed below provide a basic introduction to botany. This fundamental information should be useful for gardeners who want to understand more about the plants they grow everyday. This information also gives gardeners, without a botany background, an understanding of plant anatomy and complex plant processes that better equips them to provide care and conditions for healthy plants in their gardens.

Note: Botanical terms used on these pages are highlighted and, when clicked with the left mouse button, will be directed to Glossary for a definition of the term.

   General Characteristics
   Autumn Coloration
   Characteristics and Functions
   Root Systems
   Tissues and their Functions
   Factors that Influence Root Growth
   Functions and Types
   Tissues and Their Functions
   A Case for Using Botanical Names
   Botanical Latin: Species Names
   The Difference Between a Plant Variety and Cultivar
   What is the Difference Between an Annual, Perennial, or Biennial?
   Ten Interesting Facts about Conifer Cones
   Plant Hybrids for the Home Garden
   Plant Classification-Divisions of the Plant Kingdom
   Classes of Flowering Plants: Monocots and Dicots
      Identifying the Laurel Family
      Identifying the Magnolia Family
      Identifying the Mallow Family
      Identifying the Mint Family
      Identifying the Mustard Family
      Identification of the Parsley Family
      Identification of the Pea Family Pea Family
      Identifying the Sunflower Family
      Identifying the Water Lily Family
      Identifying the Iris Family
      Identifying the Lily Family
      Identifying the Pine Family
   Identification of Some Common Conifers by Silhouettes

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