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Botanical Latin: Angophora

angophora-costata-fruit-2An GO phor a from the Greek words aggeion meaning vessel and phoreo meaning to carry; refers to the form of the fruit.

Angophora is a genus of trees and shrubs known as gum myrtle. It is endemic to Eastern Australia and in the myrtle family (Myrtaceae) that also includes Eucalyptus which it resembles. It can be distinguished from Eucaluptus, however, by it oppositely arranged leaves. The plants range in size from about twenty to one hundred feet tall. Although some are common others are rare and/or threatened.

angophora-costataOne of the most common and popular gum myrtles is Angophora costata, also known as smooth barked-apple. It is a large tree growing up to 100 feet tall and often has a crooked trunk with grayish bark that peels off in large flakes during the spring to reveal salmon-pink new bark. The leaves are dark green and up to six inches long. In summer clusters of white petaled flowers with a myriad of long stamens appear and are followed by ribbed, goblet-shaped fruits about ¾ “ long.