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'Green Rose'
A true green rose is hard to come by but there are several roses that might be worthy of note.  Keep in mind that most of the roses that claim to be green are actually white, pink, or yellow with a touch of green some time during flowering. Some roses may have a touch of green in the bud, others as the roses fades. There is only one rose that is green throughout its bloom period but its petals are leaf-like structures. ‘Lovely Green’ is a florist rose and best grown in a greenhouse. American Rose Society ratings are given when available to provide a guide to the success of the rose in the garden; ratings of 6.7 and below indicate an inferior rose.

‘Green Rose

    Type: China
    Color: Green; petals are leaf-like
    Origin: United States, 1827
    Petal Number: Full
    Scent: None
    ARS Rating: 7.9

‘St. Patrick’

    Type: Hybrid tea
    Color: Green buds opening to yellow flowers often tinged with green
    Origin: United States, 1986
    Petal Number: 43-49
    Scent: Light
    ARS Rating: 8

‘Green Diamond’

    Type: Miniature
    Color: White, white blend, hint of green
    Origin: United States, 1975
    Petal Number: Double, 25
    Scent: None
    ARS Rating: 5.7

‘Green Ice’

    Type: Miniature
    Color: Pink fading to white and then light green
    Origin: United States, 1971
    Petal Number: Double, 25
    Scent: Mild and musky
    ARS Rating: 8.1


    Type: Floribunda
    Color: Pink fading to white, then green
    Origin: Britain, 1980
    Petal Number: 15
    Scent: Little or none
    ARS Rating: 6.3

‘Green Snake’

    Type: Shrub
    Color: Dusky pink to blush pink
    Origin: Belgium, 1987
    Petal Number: Single
    Scent: None
    ARS Rating: NA

‘Lovely Green’

    Type: Florist 
    Color: White with green undertones
    Origin: France, 2005
    Petal Number: Very full, 60-70
    Scent: None
    ARS Rating: None

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By Karen